Mortgage Bond Proceeds Advance

A property owner who has been granted a new or further mortgage bond over his/her property or, a property owner who has elected to switch bonds, and needs to access a portion of the bond funds quickly, can make application to Sw1ft for an advance of up to 70% of the proceeds due to such property owner from such mortgage bond proceeds, before registration.

Sw1ft and Easy

Sw1ft works with the conveyancer mandated to register the new or further bond over the property.

The Conveyancer undertakes to settle Sw1ft from the proceeds which flow once registration of the mortgage bond has occurred.

The Mortgage Bond Proceeds Advance allows the property owner to take advantage and gain access to funding prior to the new, further or bond switch being duly registered.

Funds can be utilised by the property owner for any purpose.

…and that’s the Sw1ft difference!

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